Salam and Hello guys! I know this is pretty awkward, and yes, I am writing this entry in English. But why? It’s because of this “I don’t know to call it” some kind of contest run by ASIA-PACIFIC’S FIRST BLOG ADVERTISING COMPANY, and yes, that’s right, it’s the coolest community, NUFFNANG.

What’s its all about? A smart phone with 3D viewing experience? Dang! So I must wear the bulgy humongous glass every time I want to Twiter-ing, Facebook-ing, Blogging and 9Gag-ing? It’s ok, if I’m living alone in this world, but in the public?! LOL! People will start staring at me like they are staring at the King Kong with eyeglasses.

LOL, is it... wait, WHAT?
Whoa, wait a minute! What kind of sorcery is this? Glasses Free 3D Experience with Tri-Dual Technology! You mean I do not need to wear the 3D glasses to experience 3D viewing on this amazing supercool yet awesome gadget.

This is going to be the coolest gadget I could have in my entire life, PERIOD!

I’m start to daydreaming now, and the voices in my head start questioning “What Would My World be with LG Optimus 3D?”

Credit to Nuffnang
First of all, I love traveling, everywhere I go, I will bring along my super-cheap-economical compact digital camera to capture the moment through the journey. Sadly, it is not quite good as I wanted. But, if I have this awesome LG Optimus 3D, I would capture every special moment – wait for it – IN 3D! With it’s Dual 5Megapixel and combine with the powerful LED flash, superior autofocus, and I’m not finish yet, Stereoscopic photos and videos! Is this a real world? I’m fabulous!

Wait a minute, what the heck is “Tri-Dual Technology”? Sound pretty awesome to me. Start Google-ing, and I found this:
“LG Optimus 3D is the first smart phone built on a Tri-dual Technology. It is Dual Core, Dual Channel, and Dual Memory, all in. Instead of sharing on a single core, single channel to and from the processor, Tri-dual Technology works on a cross-parallel scheme.” - Design Rockstar -

And plus this

Hummm! Honestly, I actually do not know what it means. But, never give up! Instead of searching randomly on Google, why don’t just go to LG’s own website here, suddenly the rainbow just came out from my mouth.
DANG! What kind of socery is this! Again!
I think this would be the most superfast smartphone I ever know. Of course, because it is powered by Dual-Core, Dual-Channel and Dual-Memory, it’s like having Twin Turbo super sport car, and I know, girls will love it, I mean girl without “S”, and the girl is my beloved wife. Double or nothing baby!

Wait a minute, 4.3 inch display, are you kidding me? Now, there’s no need for me to buy new television right. I just could watch TV just using the super awesome gizmo in my hand.

Seriously, someone would be really jealous that time; “Hey man, what’s up?!” and I would say “Nothing man, just watching football game on my phone, it’s just regular game, but it’s in 3D and it’s mine.”

Hey, I'm on YouTube now, uploading my "Going to the Zoo with My Babe!" in 3D y'all. I repeat IN 3D! Did I heard someone yelling; "MAN, YOU ARE THE COOLEST BRO ALIVE!" - and yes, I know it! But please don't touch my LG Optimus 3D! It's mine and never be yours.

I'm on my sixth gear now, please tighten your seat belt, this going to be ROUGH AND FURIOUS! But, why I can't smell the burning rubber. Ops, I'm driving my GTR on my LG Optimus 3D, it feel so real, yeah I know. You want to try some, please, get your own one. I repeat, this is MINE!

Last but not least, my world and would be more wonderful, because I would have a phone and I could contact my wife and kid more easily because I don't have any phone by now, seriously. I wish, I can call her by now, to say that I am sorry for everything that I've done before and I want to tell her, how much I love her. That will be the most wonderful moment of my life. (Read in humble and soft voice with sad music as montage)

* sorry for my bad grammar, writing and vocabulary.

[Sumber: YouTube , HowMuchDoesBracesCost (rainbow mouth), Google Images, and Nuffnang]


Mr.Clive said...

setailo la bro!

Zombie Kiri said...

OH thanks! Ayat berteraboq!

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